How to Care For Your Reusable Masks

If you’re from Hyde Park, there’s a good chance you could have snagged one of HPBIA’s recent Swag Bags, which each include one of our handmade fabric masks! 

You may have just started wearing reusable masks, or have been pro at it since the beginning of the pandemic. Either way, here’s a little reminder on how to wash and care for your fabric masks, so you can stay safe, sustainable and stylish, all at the same time!

  1. We recommend washing your masks after a whole day of wearing them.
  2. Hand or machine wash your mask alongside your other similar-coloured laundry. We suggest putting it in a small mesh laundry bag to prevent the straps from tangling and keeping all your masks together.
  3. Hang your masks to dry.
  4. After drying, we recommend ironing your mask to help retain its shape.
  5. Voila! 

mask care post 6 in 1

For those looking for more masks, please visit our website Be aware that we only have a limited selection of masks left. 

Any questions or concerns please contact or call us at 519-694-0705.

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