Masks: How Necessary Will They Be Post-Covid?

As vaccines roll out and Ontario is slowly reopening, many people are wondering how long masks, distancing and strict regulations will be present in our lives. Though no one can predict what the future will look like right now, we can assume they’ll be needed at least for a little while longer.
But what about after? Will we all throw our masks, both fabric and disposable, in the trash or the backs of our closets as soon as Covid is declared no longer a pandemic? 
At Skilled Accents, our goal is to recycle and preserve while delivering high-quality products, including our masks. They have been made to last and to be reused. Though the pandemic may not be a problem forever, the virus itself may pop up once again. Masks that are made to be reused have benefits, which is why it’s important to have good quality, decent masks that you can use again should the need arise.
There may be resurgences of Covid cases, and we will be asked to mask up again. This is not unlikely; we have seen it with recurring waves. We can only stay safe and get vaccinated if possible to prevent the spread and health risks when catching the virus. So, there may be a time in the future where you want to go to a certain store or event, and you’ll be asked to wear a mask again for your own safety and health. Better dig those puppies out from your drawers and give them a good wash!
Say you get sick in a post-Covid future, but you need to go out for groceries, or a very important appointment, and you don’t want to get anyone sick. You don’t know if it’s a cold, or a flu, or Covid, but you really need to be somewhere. What should you do? Wear a mask! They have been proven to prevent you from spreading your own germs and wearing one in public places when you’re feeling a little sniffly would be a courteous thing to do for everyone.
If it’s freezing cold in wintertime and your face feels like it’s being cut into by the wind and snow, a mask, maybe even a multi-layered mask, can help keep you warm, and prevent catching a cold in our Canadian weather! Plus, you may look mysterious and cool on a gloomy, snowy day, which is always a bonus. 
Fashion statement anyone? One way people have embraced masks is as another fashion accessory to work with their outfits and style. Though you should always look for masks that are properly layered and made to prevent spread of germs and sickness, a little flash of colour or patterns never hurt anyone. Mix and match your masks for your outfits even post-Covid. This counts for the last two points as well; wear a mask to stop you spreading a cold, or catching a cold, and you can even do it in style.
aUnsure if your fabric masks are equipped to minimize the spread of germs? Wear a disposable three-layered mask underneath for double the protection or look for masks that have a reusable filter! 
Though we can’t yet jump for joy at the idea of a Covid-free world, it is a good idea to prepare and hope for that future soon, so that we can all push through these waves and vaccinations with motivation. Wearing a mask, washing your hands, and keeping a distance from people is still a top priority so that we can keep our friends, family, and communities safe. It feels like we have been in this situation for eternity already, but it won’t last forever if we all do our part. 
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