Sustainability During a Pandemic: Covers Canada

On Exeter Road in London Ontario, the team of Covers Canada is working tirelessly during the pandemic to provide quality service for their clients. Despite their busy orders of customers looking to spruce up their homes during a time of social distancing, the team welcomed us in to take a look at their store and talk a little bit about their business.

Covid-19 hit Covers Canada hard, as it did in many businesses. After shutdown was lifted, they cautiously opened up again with socially distanced appointments to resume business, where they do everything from window coverings, blinds, drapery, and more.

“People can’t travel, they’re focused on their homes,” says sales manager Willi Van Daven. “Those of us who are surviving are thankful that we can survive this time that is very difficult for everyone.”

Skilled Accents has been collaborating with Covers Canada for a successful two years now, using their leftover fabric pieces to make various top-quality products from recycled materials.

“When [Kay] decided to start Skilled Accents, I thought ‘what a perfect thing!’” Van Daven continues. “This way everything gets used… and we’re not wasting a lot.”

What do you do when you have heaps of fabric that you can no longer use? There didn’t seem to be a huge interest for the scraps, and many of it ended up going to waste.

Then, the collaboration between Skilled Accents and Covers Canada came up in discussion. This has allowed not only for Covers Canada to be more sustainable and efficient, but also has allowed Skilled Accents to thrive, employing refugee women and keeping the environment clean.

Van Daven says if there are any other people or businesses with ideas to help more underprivileged people or the environment, they are always ready to listen.

Hopefully an incredible collaboration such as this will show other local and small businesses in London that there is no difficulty with supporting and sustaining their business when connected to the right people.

Covers Canada: Designer’s Edge has two locations: on 297 Exeter Road as well as 1950 Hyde Park Road in London, Ontario. They excel in window fashion, drapery and bedding. You can reach them at (519) 652-0222

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