At Skilled Accents, we depend on our list of community partners in London, Ontario. We hand select our contributors who have ethical goals and are driven to making the world a better place. All of our contributors believe in our mission of reducing unemployment in marginalized communities while reducing fabric waste. We take pride in providing home decor that looks and feels good. That is why we choose the highest quality materials that we have access to through our local community partner organizations.


We have been working with Kay from the inception of Skilled Accents Inc. We completely support the mission and vision of Skilled Accents Inc. to reduce waste in the community and help refugee women that are marginalized due to language, culture and education, with employment. We are proud to be the biggest contributor of fabric remnants to Skilled Accents for manufacturing decorative pillows. It has also helped us become more aware of our carbon footprint and the need to help people in our community.


Austin & Taylor Home Furnishings Inc. is proud to provide homeowners in London and the surrounding area with the finest furniture that is sure to stand the test of time. Since they first opened their doors in 2010, the staff has remained committed to helping the clients not only find quality furnishings that match their preferences and needs, but also providing a superior customer service experience.

Austin and Taylor regularly donate their discontinued fabric samples of high quality upholstery that is recycled into beautiful decorative pillows at Skilled Accents.


Good Neighbors Canada works everyday to give children the chance to grow up in a healthy environment, by helping communities worldwide find ways to make positive changes that last. "Partnering with Skilled Accents was a natural thing to do. The beautiful products that Kay and her team are creating from recycled fabric fit right into our Goods4Causes store. By supporting refugees and newcomers while at the same time reducing waste from the landfills, Skilled Accents is succeeding in making a difference in the community. Reducing unemployment in marginalized communities and simultaneously saving the planet is in line with Good Neighbors Canada’s mission to empower people to achieve self-reliance. It’s an honour to collaborate with an organization that gives people hope!"


Project Carve is a custom design and woodworking company. They specialize in laser cutting and engraving. Started by the cofounders of, Katie and Andrew Brooks, Project Carve was created as a way to offer custom engraved products in the gift.

Project Carve shares Skilled Accents vision to make use of waste materials and have donated buttons cut out from their wood and acrylic cutout scraps. So far 2,500 buttons have been donated to Skilled Accents made from scrap materials.

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